Intel's Core i7-3960X SandyBridge processor

17 November 2016

The SandyBridge (Intel's Core i7-3960X processor) chip. The chip Sandy Bridge-E is one formidable hunk of silicon. Natively, it includes a total of eight CPU cores capable of tracking 16 threads via Hyper-Threading, 20MB of L3 cache, quad channels of DDR3 memory, and 40 lanes… Read more »

Computer Hardware Chart

17 November 2016

If like me you like to tinker with PC's, and like to build your own, then take a look at this chart to help you decide what bits you should consider.   Read more »

Windows Support Cycles

16 November 2016

Microsoft likes to stop support of it's operating systems on a regular basis to force you to upgrade. Below is a list of some of the common operating systems out there and when support will stop. The one to watch is Windows 7, support for… Read more »

Why choose a 4,5 or 8 wire resistive touch?

30 September 2016

Resistive touchscreens are characterized by the use of two flexible sheets of material (usually made of glass or film) that are coated with a resistive material and separated by air or microdots. When you press against the front of a resistive touchscreen, the two sheets… Read more »

So you need a tablet for an industrial application, should you buy an Apple or Samsung?

23 August 2016

  So you need a way to capture data in the field, you need a mobile device running Windows or Android for data capture and monitoring. Many people faced with this requirement immediately look at consumer grade standard tablet Computers. Standard Tablet Computer (STC) such… Read more »