Choosing a TFT LCD Display Module

23 May 2019

Choosing a TFT LCD Display Module The TFT display is now the de-facto standard for most applications so how do you choose which is the right display for your application? There are a number of questions to be asked and many factors to be considered… Read more »

RMTS resistive multi-touch screens

11 April 2019

10-point multi-touch for industrial environments   Mildex Optical Inc, a worldwide leader in resistive touch screen technology offers a 10-point multi-touch solution based upon proprietary resistive touch technology.   Equipped with superior optical characteristics and dedicated controller our RMTS is the number one choice for… Read more »

Is Wireless always the only way to IIoT/IoT your building?

11 March 2019

Is Wireless always the only way to IIoT/IoT your building? David Bates of Review Displays While there is a wide range of wireless technologies available, sometimes you will be able to use existing infrastructure to create a reliable and secure communication system within your buildings.… Read more »

Micro LED'S are they the future?

30 January 2019

  Samsung announced its new MicroLED tech last year with a giant TV called ‘The Wall’. This year the company is making a comeback, but with a smaller and more logical 75-inch 4K TV using the same MicroLED technology.  The new display tech uses millions… Read more »

Intel Cannon Lake release date, news, and rumors

6 September 2018

Remember how Intel was going to release Cannon Lake in 2016? And, then when it got pushed back to 2018? Well, according to Intel’s Q1 financial results we won’t see the long-awaited follow-up to Kaby Lake until 2019 – at least in a consumer-ready state. But, at least Intel is… Read more »