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What are the differences in 4,5 and 8 wire touch panels

Posted 30 September 2016 by Daniel Burke

  Resistive touchscreens are characterized by the use of two flexible sheets of material (usually made of glass or film) that are coated with a resistive material and separated by air or microdots. When you press against the front of a resistive touchscreen, the two sheets make contact, at which point a grid of vertical and horizontal lines calculates the exact point of contact. This week, we’re going to take a closer look at 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touchscreens, revealing the subtle nuances that distinguish them.... View More

LCD panels for outdoor use.

Posted 28 September 2016 by Daniel Burke

  Advertising out in the elements used to be a case of putting up lots of posters or paying to have your message put on a giant billboard. Now, LCD displays are common everywhere, these offer a number of advantages over the cheaper paper based posters. With more and more advertisers, it becomes harder and hard to attract customer attention. Key elements of an LCD outdoor advertising display is that it can play video and be updated remotely. These LCD panels if positioned correctly and with suitable content can become... View More

The E50 industrial grade trackball

Posted 07 September 2016 by Daniel Burke

The E50 Series desktop trackball is an extremely high specification device that incorporates the latest IP68 technology. The trackball combines the patented optical trackball technology with the new hall-effect scroll wheel to provide a fully waterproof desktop trackball solution. To compliment these two technologies the trackball also includes left, middle, and right switch functionality as found in all conventional desktop trackballs/mice making the E50 trackball a complet e human interface solution for control of a cursor. In... View More

Introducing the wide temperature range 6639 from AAEON.

Posted 05 September 2016 by Daniel Burke

AEON ® , is a major developer of industrial computing solutions, launches its BOXER-6639, a fanless embedded controller incorporating a high-value desktop processor and wide operating temperature to keep customers up with Industry 4.0 Automation trend. Powered by 6th Gen Intel ®  Core ™  Desktop Processor with longevity support and a flexible mechanical design to change out the CPU depending upon the customer’s needs, 2 x HDMI with 4K resolution, 3 x industrial GbE LAN with Intel ®   industrial-grade... View More

RDS introduces the new PICO IMX7-eMMS from Technexion

Posted 02 September 2016 by Daniel Burke

How much processing power can you squeeze into 8 Grams and 36 x 40mm? How about a IMX7 single or dual core processor with 4GB eMMC on board storage, 2GB of DDR3 RAM supporting both Android and Linux, Gigabit and wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth and a host of other IO options. The New PICO-IMX7-eMMC from TechNexion is the ultimate for low power, size and performance. Contact RDS for more details or a demonstration.   Specifications Processor NXP i.MX7 Solo / Dual Technology ARM Cortex-A7 single... View More