The P3026-AG0 is a 12.1 inch PCAP touch panel. The matching controller for this panel is PM1410 and it also has a MOQ of 50 pieces. (The picture shown is not the actual part.)

  • 12.1" Inches
  • Decor Glass Thickness: 1.10 mm
  • Front Surface: Clear
  • Tail Location: Centre bottom side
  • Number of Touches: 5
Screen Size

12.1 inches

Overall Height

210.50 mm

Overall Width

268.50 mm

Overall Thickness

1.50 mm

Active Area

252.00 x 190.50 mm

Viewing Area

253.00 x 191.50 mm


> 3 Million touches

Number of Touches


Decor Glass Thickness

1.10 mm

Front Surface


Tail Location

Located on the centre bottom side