The P3019-A20 is a 18.5 inch wide screen PCAP touch panel. The matching controller for this panel is PM1710. (The picture shown is not the actual part.) 

AMT PCI touch products feature the latest frequency-hopping anti-noise technology and has obtained third party EMC Level III certification. Our products conform to IEC 60601-1-2 Edition 4.0 medical safety standards and provide customers with comprehensive touch solutions.

In colder countries and in the industrial and medical fields, smooth operation of PCI (or PCAP) touchscreens while wearing gloves is critical. AMT’s total PCI touch solutions utilize unique algorithms to ensure the stable operation of touch panels when wearing gloves.

Since water is a conductor, the presence of water on PCI (or PCAP) touch panels will likely generate false touch signals. PenMount’s newest generation controllers effectively handle water signals and prevents false touches on wet touch panels. Please visit the touch controller section for more information.

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  • 18.50" Inches
  • D├ęcor Glass Thickness: 1.80 mm
  • Front Surface: Clear
  • Tail Location: Bottom centre
  • Number of Touches: 5
Screen Size

18.50 inches

Overall Height

254.20 mm

Overall Width

432.60 mm

Overall Thickness

2.20 mm

Active Area

413.60 x 234.20 mm

Viewing Area

414.60 x 235.20 mm


> 3 Million touches

Light Transmission

> 87%

Number of Touches


Chip on Flex



Decor Glass Thickness

1.80 mm

Front Surface


Tail Location

Located on the bottom centre side