Marine Monitors


Touch monitors and panel PC’s with wide operating temperature range (including -30 Deg C cold start), high brightness and IEC-650945 Marine Certification. Customisable and suitable for a variety of applications such as Marine, Aerospace, Military and Construction Machinery.




Elgens produces a wide range of industrial quality monitors that have a wide temperature range, high brightness and IEC-Marine certification. Elgens knows that customization is the key to success and offer a wide range of off the shelf product but can also custom build monitor solutions to specific requirements. Elgens was founded in 2010 and has rapidly grown to become one of the best marine monitor providers worldwide with increasing market share, a willingness to innovate and customise product to suit exact requirements.

Elgens monitors come in standard sizes from, 10.1 to 24 inch, with or without touch. Take for example a standard 24 inch unit:


SPEC      TDM-P240WT


24" Bezel-Free P-cap Monitor, Wide Tem, DC 9~36V, IP65. Aluminium Front Bezel.

VGA/DP/HDMI & IEC-60945 compliance


  • Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • IPS Wide Viewing Angle
  • Bezel-Free Design
  • IP65 Front Bezel
  • IP66 Front Bezel Compliant
  • 256 Levels Dimming from 2.53 nits
  • USB Port for Touch
  • DC 9~36V Power Input
  • OSD For Marine (Front Right Side)
  • IEC-60945 Compliance
  • Optional 1000~1600 nits; High Brightness
  • Optional M12 Metal Connector
  • Optional Backside OSD
  • Optional Anti-UV / Irradiation
  • Optional Color Calibration / ECDIS





Max resolution

1920x 1024

Contrast Ratio


Max. Color


Luminance (cd/m2)

300 nits

Optional backlight 1000~1600 nits

View Angle

89 / 89 / 89 / 89

Touch Screen

24” P-cap USB interface

Power Input

DC 9~36V with DC 12V adapter by 3-Pin Terminal Block


Panel Mount

VESA Mount 75 x 75 / 100 x 100

Operating Temp

-40 ~ 80 °C (unable to cold start in -40°C)

Storage temp

-40 ~ 80 °C

OSD Function

1. Power

2. Backlight Up

3. Backlight Down

4. Home

5. Status switch

6. LED for Day, Noon, and Night status


These types of units are ideal for boats or anywhere there is bright sunlight and lots and lots of water.

RDS has a vast selection of monitor solutions for both industrial and marine applications. Now with the Elgens product line we can offer solutions for every problem specifically in the Marine envirnoment.


Elgens also has a comprehensive line of industrial quality Panel PC's designed to operate in hostile and high temperature environments -20 to 60 degrees.


Elgens Panel PC solutions are rugged IP65/66 rated and built to last

If you have any questions about the range of Monitor or panel PC solutions RDS can prpvide please get in touch.

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