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RDS offers a comprehensive design capability for bespoke ARM-based systems which are normally application-specific. They cover a wide range of add-on features, including WI-FI, ethernet, Canbus etc. Both system-on-module and hard mounted CPU solutions are possible, allowing both a future upgrade path or cost-sensitive solutions to be manufactured.

RDS have a team of designers and engineers to build a system from scratch, baseboard, processors, memory, RAM, casing and final assembly. We can custom design boards to any shape or size using core components of your choice and all assembled and tested in our purpose-made facility.

Complete electronics solutions can be built to customer specifications including processor, ethernet, video ports such as SDI, HDMI as well as I/O, memory etc. 

More systems are being based around the raspberry pi, although the PI is great it is not an industrial unit. This means the design and specification can change at any time. RDS supports the CM3 module from Raspberry, this plugin card about the size of a SODIMM module is designed for industry and has a long and stable production life. RDS can help you produce a custom baseboard for your application or provide advice and standard baseboards for prototypes.


Customization doesn't just stop at the electronics, screen or baseboard. RDS is an expert at 3D printing, mouldings, custom cases and metalwork. We can supply complete enclosures or custom sub-assemblies for your system. We can embed our designs into all sorts of kiosks, desk, wall-mounted units or complete custom cases like the eye trainer.

RDS offers the complete service, from design, prototyping, production and certification, all to ISO9001 and ISO13485.

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  • Custom PCB's of any size
  • ARM based solutions
  • Bespoke electronic design
  • PCB design and manufacture
  • Custom cases and enclosure
  • 3D printing
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