Custom Touch Solutions

Touch Sensors add an extra dimension to the usability of many HMI systems, from the multi touch capabilities of PCAP technology to the simple rugged reliability of resistive 4 ,5 or 8 wire sensors. With smart cover glass solutions, the sleek phone-like apperance is available on most screen sizes from 3.5 to 40 inches. Rugged vandal-proof solutions are also possible. A range of controller options are available, from chip only, to dedicated boards capable of supporting most common operating systems.

RDS can design and build custom touch solutions to your measurments and with printed front graphics and masking as required.


Our touchscreen controllers can provide custom setting for water rejection and active area so that you can adjust the operation of the panels yo exact requirements. RDS offers a complete customizable solution to achieve the front panel design you need. 

When you have your next project in mind, give RDS a call.



  • Custom Front panels and Touch Solutions
  • PCAP or Resistive designs
  • Custom Graphics, Logo's etc.
  • A range of controllers with custom firmware
Display Size

3.5 - 40 Inches

Touch Screen

PCAP or Resistive designs

Housing Type

Custom housing and stands

Type of Display Drive

All types