Case Study 6

Case Study 6 is an example of a bespoke display system with embedded PC for use in a factory. The unit is designed to be wall mounted and to display factory data regarding production and system performance.

Design Goal

The customer was looking for a robust large screen display system with built-in PC for industrial manufacturing purposes. The system needs to operate indoors with a builtin PC and touch screen but have a powerful enough embedded system to cope with real-time manufacturing data. Our brief was to create a system that could display factory data from a WIFI sources in a large screen format. Other requirements were wall mounting, inbuilt power system with solid state hard drives. The system required custom metal work, an embedded PC system with a large 40 inch TFT panel, with custom PCAP touch. Initial prototype designs were created using Solidworks, and a one-off prototype was built. Testing and refinements were done onsite under real conditions. The customer was delighted with the prototype and so production systems were commissioned in batches of 10 units which are manufactured at our custom made facility in Westerham.

"Getting a custom PC with touch at this size really helps out factory automation"

 The system under test.

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  • 40 inch High bright display
  • PCAP touch
  • In built Embedded PC
  • Wall mounted
Display Size

40 inch

Touch Screen

PCAP touch

Housing Type

Custom plastic housing

Type of Display Drive

Embedded Custom PC