Case Study 5


Case Study 5 is an example of a completed kiosk system design for a customer for use as a booking and information point

The customer came to RDS to design and build a stand alone kiosk for use in a shopping area, a doctors surgery or anywhere information and booking in is required. The Kiosk needed to look good be responsive but be tough and cost effective. Operational it needed to opertate stand alone or part of a netowrk of devices .RDS, using our 3D modelling and CAD systems designed several prototypes using our experptise in TFT displays, touch solutions and mechanical design. The 15.6 Inch vertical mounted montor with a tough resistive touch panel with cove glass ensures a long life unit and a good price. The case and floor mount were prototyped and assembled in our custom built production faciillity.

The kiosks had a 3 month onsite trial then went into full production. RDS is now working on other designs for the company for their next release.

Key Features:

  • Point of information and Point of sale system
  • Sunlight readable Kiosk with touch screen
  • Medical system approved
  • Rugged industrial monitors
  • Waterproof display solutions

RDS has a long history of producing custom Monitor designs for industrial applications, if you  have a project you would llike to discuss, please get in touch.

  • 17" Monitor/PC
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Slim line Aluminium Chassis
  • External Power Output
  • Stand alone operation or network connection
Display Size

17" Monitor/PC

Touch Screen

Resistive Touch Screen

Housing Type

Slimline Aluminium Chassis

Type of Display Drive

External Power Output