Case Study 2

Case study 2 is an example of a completed system design for customers that have been used in a wide range of specialist applications.

These applications include:

  • Point of information and Point of sale systems
  • Sunlight readable Kiosk and monitor solutions
  • Medical systems
  • In-vehicle display systems
  • Military display systems
  • Rugged industrial monitors
  • Waterproof display solutions

The design requirement for this case study is the Military application required a popose built wide screen monitor with an ultra-slim case to fit into the system housing.

  • 15.3" NEC Panel
  • EMI Protective Window
  • Milled aluminium enclosure
  • Direct LVDS drive
Display Size

15.3" NEC Panel

Touch Screen

EMI Protective Window

Housing Type

Milled aluminium enclosure

Type of Display Drive

Direct LVDS drive