Micro LED'S are they the future?

Samsung announced its new MicroLED tech

30 January 2019


Samsung announced its new MicroLED tech last year with a giant TV called ‘The Wall’. This year the company is making a comeback, but with a smaller and more logical 75-inch 4K TV using the same MicroLED technology. 

The new display tech uses millions of inorganic self-emissive MicroLEDs that emit their own bright light to produce brilliant colours along with superior brightness and less chances for burn-in. Since there’s no backlight required, MicroLED displays can also be made slim.

It is said that MicroLED offers picture quality that can rival and even beat OLED without the downfalls of using an organic compound. This essentially means that MicroLED equipped TVs should offer excellent black levels since all of the microscopic LEDs can be turned off individually, great brightness, along with a wide HDR colour palette.

Apart from having better imaging capabilities, Samsung's MicroLED is also modular. Panels of MicroLEDs can be combined to create giant screens.

While the company hasn’t shared any info about the release of the 75-inch MicroLED TV, it did previously announce that it plans to sell MicroLED TVs to consumers in the US starting 2019. Of course, it won’t come cheap since making MicroLED TVs is an extremely difficult process. This is because each of the RGB sub-pixels needs to be placed carefully with a very tight measure of space between them. If a single pixel is faulty, the whole display goes in jeopardy.

It's clear the technology still has a ways to go before hitting prime time but its coming. We will keep you posted.