True Colour printing directly on glass

Produces photo real colour on glass touch panels

16 May 2018



RDS and AMT are proud to announce another revolutionary breakthrough in touch panel technology. Not only is AMT the world’s only one-stop shop purveyor of both proprietary touch panels and proprietary controllers, we are now the only touch solution company in the world capable of printing photorealistic décor glass touch panel cover lenses.

There are a number of processes and inks designed for printing on glass substrates. Silkscreen printing is prevalent on the market but silk screen printing cannot produce effects such as colour gradients.  Even though ceramic inks possess excellent adhesion, these inks must undergo high-temperature curing that is incompatible with thinner glass panels due to potential warping of the glass substrate.  AMT PhotoReal digital printing technology produces extremely high-quality images and is suitable for glass panels less than 4mm since our process does not require high-temperature curing.

In addition, every printing process is expected to meet durability standards.  PhotoReal Décor Glass panels have passed internal adhesion testing, environmental testing, and UV testing.  Customers can incorporate these beautiful panels into their products with peace of mind.

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