RDS announces SensConnect, an IoT based control suite

SensConnect is a software and hardware suite designed to enable edge to cloud IoT based solutions

23 March 2018

New from RDS is the SensConnect suite of hardware and software solutions that enable an IoT world. SensConnect is a software platform that integrates with standard or custom sensors and hardware devices to enable control and monitoring of field-based systems. Shown recently at the Smart IoT show in London the SensConnect system has been integrated with a Taxi advertising system and a Smart home heating system. The Taxi system is designed to show advertising video and pictures based on the location of the Taxi and time of day. The system allows over the air updates of advertising material, real-time system monitoring for preventative maintenance as well as logging power usage,  screen brightness and adverts display data. The Home heating system has intelligent radiators and hot water heaters to allow usage tracking and system performance monitoring. Power from the grid is monitored in real time allowing suppliers to plan power usage and buy electricity at low rates.

SensConnect can work with any system that has devices in the field that need to be monitored and maintained.  RDS has a huge array of displays, embedded computer systems to choose from when designing your system so why don't you give us a call to discuss your project on 01959 563 345 or Click Here for more details.