RDS Health Technologies

Technology for hygene and disease control

9 February 2021

In the current world we live in it has never been more important to provide safe and hygienic systems and devices to industry and the public.

RDS stays at the fore-front of new development by continual monitoring and taking on new technologies and practices as they come along. We offer a wide range of health-related technologies with the aim of making workplaces safer in regard to social distancing and technology interaction.

Social distancing.

The new rules implemented regarding workplace safety and social disancing have brought a new challenge to the workplace, a challenge solvable by technology.


Asset tracking.


  • Enforce/track social distancing measures
  • Fully scalable
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Uses physical tags and sensors


Usually used to track the movement of stock within an area, this technology may creatively be used as a method of overseeing social distancing of employees in the workplace.

This involves a physical tag on a person, for example an ID card, and an implemented system of sensors within the building. This method is incredibly accurate, with the ability to track the tags to within 30cm of their actual location


AI cameras. 

  • Enforce/track social distancing measures
  • Automatic tracking- no physical tags required
  • Scalable
  • AI software and cameras


Cameras and AI software count and classifies people within the workplace.


Occupancy and cleaning monitoring.

  • Enforce/track social distancing measures
  • Allows for cleaning to be scheduled as required
  • PIR and object sensors


PIR and object counters are used as people counting and desk management solutions to aid compliance with new cleanliness standards.

This technology can count people in areas and send alerts if an area becomes too busy. Its also able to send alerts to staff that an area needs cleaning, which happens once the people flow (in/out) reaches a certain level.


Interacting with Technology

Touch is how people interact with computers, a method which in the light of covid-19 is no longer ideal. RDS offers various ways of making your company safer and your employees more confident at work day-to-day.


Anti-microbial protection.


  • May be-fitted to an existing system
  • Minimal change to operation style
  • Touch-based
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Easy to install


Enables any hard surface to become anti-microbial. This is usually applied to touchscreens in a sheet form to help prevent cross-contamination between users.

Allows the continued use of an existing touch-controlled system with minimal change.


The following act as alternatives to touch surfaces, instead utilising gesture control to help prevent cross-contamination.


Hand tracking.

  • IR camera technology
  • Touchless/gesture control
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • May be fitted to an existing system
  • Works on almost any computer


Uses IR camera technology to generate a virtual model of the hand and accurately predict its position. This technology utilises skeletal tracking, meaning the position of any finger or thumb may be accurately predicted even if its hidden from view.



  • May be-fitted to an existing system
  • Touchless/gesture control
  • Prevents cross-contamination


A combination of IR camera technology and ultrasonic sound used to produce tactile sensations without the use of touch.

A variety of feedback sensations are possible, allowing for a large variety of uses.

As new technologies come along RDS will embrace them and use them is new and useful ways to ensure a safe and productive environment.