New 1.4” AMOLED Smart Display

The energy-efficient, thinner and brighter display for wearable and portable devices

14 December 2020

Westerham, Kent, UK. 14th December 2020. Review Display Systems has today announced a new low power 1.4” AMOLED display, with high brightness and contrast, deep blacks, great viewing angles, and a built-in touch screen.


This new 1.4” AMOLED display supports 16.7 Million colours at 320 x 360 and uses minimal power, ideal for long battery life in portable devices. The panel supports an SPI interface and comes with a hard coating polariser for durability. The AMOLED panel has an organic plastic layer of about 100-500 nanometres, which is 200 times thinner than a strand of human hair. The new 1.4” panel has integrated In-Cell touch meaning additional touch layers are not required, keeping the panel super thin. This thinner profile means it is possible to produce a lighter and flexible panel that is tough and long-lasting.


AMOLED technology allows for super high contrast ratios with beautiful, true black and vibrant colours meaning any images displayed on this panel are brighter and more vivid than existing IPS and TN panels. Response time and refresh times are faster, ensuring moving images are more fluid.


The new 1.4” AMOLED panel, is ideal for today’s lighter, thinner and sleeker products such as portable and wearable products.


more details about AMOLED displays can be found Here