Introducing the new 6.86 inch bar display from SGD

High bright IPS panel with MIPI

3 December 2020

Ideal for Automotive, Vending & Industrial Applications


The new GW1O69MNJKIFO  is a 6.86” industrial-grade colour bar type IPS TFT display using the  MIPI Interface. Supporting a resolution of 480 x 1280, with high brightness and wide viewing angles this display is super value for money. The GW1O69MNJKIFO is ideal for automotive applications such as smart mirrors, vending machines, information displays, automation, and many industrial applications.


Smart mirrors for cars is an expanding market for this type of display because the visibility offered by a car’s rearview mirror has inherent limitations. The view is often obstructed by passengers in the rear or reduced due to nighttime conditions or bad weather, making it difficult for the driver to see the rearview. Many car companies use this type of display to developed a rearview mirror with a built-in LCD monitor displaying images from a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle. This Intelligent Rearview Mirror allows the driver the ability to switch between the LCD monitor and the standard rearview mirror, depending on the driver's preference. The driver is able to see traffic conditions behind the car through the clear video imagery, as well as use the rearview mirror to check on passengers and pets in the rear. This helps make for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Technology Functionality
A camera is attached to the rear of the vehicle and displays images on the LCD built into the rearview mirror. Imagery from the camera offers clear visibility of a wide area. Drivers use a switch at the bottom of the mirror to alternate between the monitor and the mirror.

(Left) Mirror (Right) Monitor
Technology Configuration
The Intelligent Rearview Mirror combines a high-resolution camera that can check rear traffic conditions with a rearview mirror with an in-built LCD monitor that displays images from the camera. The LCD display and mirror can be used in unison, with drivers switching between the two depending on their preference.

When integrating an LCD monitor and mirror, the reflection in the mirror from the rear light and the transparency of the monitor will typically result in a dual-layered image, making it hard to obtain clear visibility. Intelligent Rearview Mirrors, on the other hand, features unique technology in the structural design. This has made it possible for this kind of system to function for the first time without any image overlap while also allowing drivers to switch between the LCD monitor and standard rearview mirror.

The high-quality camera and image processing system achieves rearview image clarity in the LCD monitor with minimal glare, even during sunrise or sunset conditions, or when being followed by a vehicle with strong headlights.

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