PenMount PCAP Controller Outdoor Applications

When touch screens are required in difficult environments

8 September 2020

One of PenMount projected capacitive (PCAP) controllers’ advantages is overcoming difficult challenges in advance of project development and implementation.  PCAP touch screens installed in outdoor systems must account for the effects of changing latitudes, weather, temperature, and the lack of attention inherent to systems designed to be self-service.  PenMount PCAP touch controllers offer a “Finger Recognition” function that enhances the capabilities of a PenMount PCAP controller’s water handling mechanism when operating outdoors.

A good example of Finger Recognition functionality can be found in gas station POS terminals that have adopted PenMount PCAP controllers.  Located outside, the touch surface will inevitably come into contact with rain, dew, or snow.  As temperature rises, water from melting ice will accumulate at the bottom of the POS terminal.  These terminals will always use an outer case with a metal frame for durability and reliability.  Since these are self-serve systems, the touch surface will not be dried, so when pooling water bridges the metal frame and touch surface, false touch signals are generated in these outdoor system applications.  In order to overcome this challenge, PenMount has developed a new technology-Finger Recognition.

PenMount Finger Recognition is an AI learning algorithm that has established the most accurate finger signal, signal strength, and finger shape through testing and simulations.  Based on learned data, Finger Recognition filters touch signals generated by objects on the touch surface that are not fingers.  This includes pooling water on outdoor gas station POS terminals.  Finger Recognition is a powerful function in an environment where water or other inadvertent contact with the touch screen is prevalent.  We utilize PenMount Finger Recognition technology in many applications when we know the product will be used in port facilities, on ships, and around pools in addition to outdoor applications.

PenMount Finger Recognition is an innovative solution to the two-fold problem of unattended systems and outdoor placement.  PenMount specializes in providing suitable solutions to all customer projects.  No matter the application or environment, PenMount offers the best features, service, and support on the market.  To find out more about PenMount PCAP controller products, please contact our sales representatives.


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