Kontron D3713-V/R

Let’s take a look at the new D3713 motherboard from Kontron.

27 July 2020

First of all, the new processors of the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 series are of course to be emphasized. With their respective graphics performance, they are among the best solutions that the embedded market has to offer and this at a price-performance ratio prove a very attractive option for customers -regardless of whether they are from the kiosk or infotainment sectors, Digital signage and professional gambling systems, or from the medical displays, thin clients and industrial PC industries. With a TDP that currently ranges from 12 to 54 watts, AMD's Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 series is also extremely scalable, offered on the D3713 with a range of cooling solutions from completely passive cooling to systems with active cooling solutions.

How have the performance values of the new AMD microarchitecture changed specifically AMD's 'Zen' high-performance architecture offers a 52% improvement in commands per clock cycle and a 200% improvement in throughput compared to the previous AMD core generation - the AMD Embedded R-Series.

AMD's Ryzen V1000 and R1000 processors are particularly interesting for the classic embedded computing sector, with three times the performance per watt compared to the R- Series SoC from AMD and four times the performance per dollar, making them difficult to ignore.

The rear IO of the new D3713, AMD Ryzen V1000 and R1000 series based Mini-ITX motherboard, is tightly packed with numerous interfaces such as 4x Display Port video outputs, as well as an embedded display port and a dual- channel LVDS (24 bit), 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x COM RS-232 & 1 selectable RS-232/422/485 ports along with a lockable DC power in and both Line In and Out audio connectors, it s obvious this is a serious performer.

In particular, the ability to connect up to four, independent, 4K screens to enable new innovative signage applications or to integrate several virtual systems, on one physical, system is very strong. The high graphics performance can be used to drive large displays for longer distance viewing. Another pojnt to note is the fact that more attention is paid to premium graphics in casino gambling and arcade systems. Here, 4K is used directly in front of customers, also in connection with ultra-brilliant curved displays, it s in these environments that the outstanding graphics performance of the new AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 / R1000 series again comes into its own.

The full featured specification meets the requirements of many applications instead of focusing on just a few. This has always been the strength of the Fujitsu boards and is therefore also the case for the new Mini-ITX motherboard D3713-V / R from Kontron. To make this possible, a wide-range input from 8 to 36V, for example, instead of supporting ATX power supplies is employed. Plus with flexibility via two particularly flat M.2 slots with Key B (2 lanes) and Key M (4 lanes), brings versatile storage and expansion options.

It is also important to note that the very specific requirements of individual markets are not forgotten. For example, the D3713 supports time-synchronized networking through the targeted selection of the LAN controller, which is interesting for both Ethercat applications and OPC UA implementations. Along with dual Gigabit Ethernet onboard, which is interesting for many Industry 4.0 installations.