Life Time Support

Reliability, long manufacturing life cycles, technical and sales support for the life of our customer’s product

With over 35 years’ experience supplying the industrial design community with the very latest in displays, touch and embedded technology, RDS offers the customer a long-term support capability which is unrivalled by our competitors.


Dedicated technical support teams cover each of the core technologies across its three product divisions.
In addition to assisting with integration issues, these teams can also provide advice on selecting the best product for the application, taking into consideration location, environment, duration and the total cost of ownership throughout the required lifecycle of the final product.


Each team has access to product road maps for all its core manufacturers, allowing informed decisions to be made about forthcoming product introductions as the design process moves forward. This ensures that the customer’s product arrives to market with the very latest display, touchscreen or board technology incorporated.

Once our products are designed in, our experienced customer support team is on hand to deal with all requirements through the product’s production lifecycle. This includes order scheduling and supply, RMA issues, product change requests, obsolescence issues and test requirement updates.


Complete systems, including touch screens, embedded motherboards, drivers, radio communications, power and case and mounting options. All RDS supplied parts have long term supply and support from our expert teams.

Choose from a large array of display technologies from EL, TFT, E-paper, TFT and many others. All parts are of high quality with long term supply and support. Embedded computers boards come is a huge array of sizes and speeds, RDS has access to this massive range as well as designing and building custom boards.


Whatever you need, RDS can be there to help. From Concept to finished product, to final manufacture and certification, RDS will there at every step.


Get in touch, we can help get your project to market.