Custom Display Solutions.

Our in-house capability covers the design and development of custom display solutions, custom touch and front panel designs, embedded bespoke design and complete system solutions.


In addition to display and embedded expertise, we also offer mechanical design solutions across a wide range of materials for both housings and complex mounting requirements. Hardware and firmware design is also available for custom-edge solutions, together with image creation for a range of industrial board solutions.

We use Dassault’s latest cloud-based 3D experience software to control the design and manufacture process to either ISO13485 or ISO9001-2015. Manufacturing capabilities are available across a wide range of sites, from our purpose-built suite in Westerham, through to one of our many partners across the world.


Via our local office, 3D experience provides 24/7 access to information for customers based both in and outside the UK. This ensures that designs can be cost-controlled and implemented within agreed timescales and specification.


Our experienced teams work in partnership with the customer’s designers, sharing detailed knowledge in specialist areas to significantly reduce workload, overall design costs and time to market for any new design.


Overview of design capabilities:



  • Passive LCD custom glass provides a dedicated low-cost option, from glass-only solutions to whole front panel modules.
  • Custom LED backlighting, including NVG solutions and low power and high bright options
  • Custom TFT modules using standard TFT substrates which often prove to be the most cost-effective way of putting together a front panel design. The module enables the PCB design to be modelled to fit the system, with voltage generation for the glass and customer controllers.
  • Custom high bright panel solutions for applications where the screen needs to be read in a high ambient light situation.
  • Custom LED backlight driver boards which minimise required space and provide a monitoring function if required.
  • Custom OLED modules
  • Custom TFT substrates
  • Intelligent display driver
  • Display over USB driver board (drive an additional display via a USB interface port
  • Display cable solutions, cables and connectors, built and tested to the customer’s  specification



Touch system

  • Touch panel solutions air bonded to the display, Standard or Custom touch sensor bonded to a display in our laminar flow area, reduce dust ingress during assembly and prevents condensation future dust ingress.
  • Custom Touch panel design, with or without switches. Full touch panel customisation including custom front glass.
  • Optically bonded touch and display assemblies which reduce reflection in high ambient applications, improving display performance and ruggedisation.
  • Custom glass front panel designs with integrated display and switches
  • Custom PCAP controller



  • Display Integration service, BIOS, OS and hardware service to integrate display and touch screen to the required embedded board.
  • Custom BIOS work: Changing default BIOS work to ensure the longevity of operation.
  • Custom system image builds for Microsoft, Linux and Andriod applications.
  • Custom baseboard design for SOM-based CPU solutions and a complete design and manufacturing service.
  • Custom power solutions for embedded applications.
  • Custom cooling solutions.

 General design

  • Project management using 3D experience.
  • Mechanical design, housing and mounting solutions.
  • Flow management for cooling.
  • Electronic Hardware design.
  • Firmware and bespoke application software.