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High Brightness & Sunlight Readable Displays

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High Brightness Displays

High Brightness Displays

Standard colour TFT Displays are often unable to provide sufficient levels of brightness for environments offering high ambient light or direct sunlight. As a result you have a display that provides poor image quality.

There are a number of technologies that drastically improve a display's readability in bright conditions, including NLT transflective technology, super high brightness backlights and optical bonded touch panels.

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Hight Brightness Displays

RDS are working with JNM to provide a range of Displays utilising a modified LED backlight system offering much improved levels of brightness. All displays within the range come supplied with tailor made LED Backlight Drivers that perfectly match the LED backlight system used in that particular panel. This then drives the LED's very efficiently and results in long LED life.

The table below shows the current JNM product range

Model BLUBrightness
Contrast Ratio
Temperature (℃)Base LCDLCD MakerInterface
6.5JS065LPNNLED1,000600:1640 x 480-30~+80-30~+80G065VN01 V2AUOLVDS
7.0"WJS07WLPNN LED800700:1800 x 480-20~+70-20~+70G070VW01AUOLVDS
7.0"WJS07WLPNNLED1,000400:1800 x 480-30~+80-40~+85PM070WL3PVILVDS
8.4"JS084LPNNLED1,000600:1800 x 600-30~+85-30~+85G084SN03 V1AUOLVDS
10.4"JS104LPNNLED1,0001,200:11024 x 768-20~+70-20~+80G104X1-L01CMOLVDS
10.4"JS104LPNNLED1,000500:1800 x 600-20~+70-30~+80G104SN03 V1AUOLVDS
12.1"JS121LPNNLED1,500500:1800 x 6000~+70-30~+80LB121S03-TL01LGDLVDS
12.1"JS121LPNNLED1,100700:11024 x 7680~+70-30~+80G121XN01 V.0AUOLVDS
15.0"JS150LPNNLED1,000700:11024 x 7680~+50-20~+60M150XN07 V9AUOLVDS
15.0"JS150LPNNLED1,500700:11024 x 7680~+65-20~+65G150XG03 V2AUOLVDS
17.0"JS170LPNNLED1,000800:11280 x 10240~+50-20~+60LM170E03-TLG1LGDLVDS
17.0"JS170LPNNLED1,0001,000:11280 x 10240~+50-20~+60M170EG01 VGAUOLVDS
19.0"JS190LPNNLED1,0001,000:11280 x 10240~+50-20~+60M190EG02 V7AUOLVDS
19.0"JS190LPNNLED1,500800:11280 x 10240~+50-20~+60LM190E08-TLG1LGDLVDS
19.0"WJS19WLPNNLED1,5001,000:11440 x 9000~+50-20~+60LM190WX1-TLG1LGDLVDS
21.5"WJS215LPNNLED1,0001,000:11920 x 10800~+50-20~+60M215HW01 V0AUOLVDS
21.5"WJS215LPNNLED1,5001,000:11920 x 10800~+50-20~+60LM215WF1-TLA1LGDLVDS
22.0"WJS22WLPNNLED1,0001,000:11680 x 10500~+50-20~+60LM220WE1-TLPLGDLVDS
26"WJS26WLPNNLED1,5003,000:11366 x 7680~+50-20~+60T260XW02 V.P XW04 V3AUOLVDS
32.0"WJS32WLPNNLED1,3001,100:11366 x 7680~+50-20~+60LC320WXNLGDLVDS
32.0"WJS32WLPNNLED1,5003,500:11366 X 7680~+50-20~+60LTI320AA02SSDLVDS
40"WJS40WLPNNLED1,2003,000:11920 x 10800~+50-20~+60LTI400HA02SSDLVDS
42"WJS42WLPNNLED1,5001,000:11920 x 10800~+50-20~+60LD420WUNLGDLVDS

Industrial High Brightness Displays

For applications that require both sunlight readability/high brightness and long term product life, these options are ideal. Working with NLT LCD Technologies, RDS are able to provide a range of Industrial Displays from 5.7" up to 15". Here is a range of both High Brightness Displays built as standard parts with no modifications and a selection of "Natural Light TFT's" (NLT), a transflective technology allowing excellent sunlight readability.

There are a number of High Brightness Displays available in the market but a majority of them are modified standard TFT displays. Third party manufacturers utilise standard consumer TFT's, then remove the standard backlight assembly and replace it with a new backlight assembly offering higher brightness often of 1000 cd/m2 upwards. Sometimes the problem can be that the base consumer TFT used in these parts does not support a long production life and for applications (Medical, Industrial) that require long product life, these just are not suitable.

This is where this range of Industrial High Brightness Displays are best suited. These are standard TFT displays direct from the NLT factory utilising High Bright backlight systems. Of course these offer long product life, but importantly they are still offered with the original manufacturers warranty as well. Another major benefit of using one of these Industrial High Bright displays is NLT's commitment to forward compatibility of both the mechanical and electrical design.

You can also view our full range of NLT LCDs here

SizePart NumberResolutionFeaturesInterfaceViewing AngleBrightnessOp Temp
5.7"NL6448BC18-01F640x480High Bright, Transmissive, LED BacklightDigitalH160 V160800-30 + 80LED
5.7"NL6448BC18-03F640x480Potrait Mode, High Bright, LED BacklightDigitalH160 V160800-30 + 80LED
6.5"NL6448BC20-21C640x480Compact Bezel High Contrast TransflectiveLVDSH160 V140800-20 to +70LED
6.5"NL10276BC13-01C1024x768High resolution,600:1 contrast, transflectiveLVDSH160 V140600-20 to +70LED
6.5"NL6448BC20-30C640x480NLT TransflectiveLVDSH160 V160900-30 + 80LED
6.5"NL6448BC20-30F640x480High Bright, Transmissive, LED BacklightLVDSH160 V1601000-30 + 80LED
6.5"NL6448BC20-35F640x480High Bright, Transmissive, LED BacklightLVDSH160 V1601000-30 + 80LED
7"NL8048BC19-02C800x480NLT Transflective, 16:9 Aspect ratioLVDSH160 V160550-20 to +70LED
7"NL8048AC19-13800x480High Brightness, High ContrastLVDSH160 V160500-30 to +80LED
7"NL8048AC19-14F800x480High Brightness, High ContrastLVDSH160 V1601000-30 to +80LED
8.0"NL8048AC21-01F800x480High Brightness, High ContrastLVDSH160 V1601000-30 to +80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-22F640x480High Brightness, High ContrastDigitalH160 V160800-20 to +70LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-26640x480High Brightness Clear High Contrast 600:1DigitalH160 V160450-30 + 80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-26C640x480NLT TransflectiveDigitalH160 V160800-30 + 80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-26D640x480VGA, Transmissive, LED BacklightDigitalH160 V160450-30 + 80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-26F640x480High Bright, Transmissive, LED BacklightDigitalH160 V160900-30 + 80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-27640x480High Brightness Clear High Contrast 1000:1DigitalH160 V160500-30 + 80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-27D640x480High Brightness AG High Contrast 1000:1DigitalH160 V160500-30 + 80LED
8.4"NL6448BC26-09C640x480NLT transflective, High BrightDigitalH160 V140750-20 to +70CCFL
8.4"NL8060BC21-11800x600High Brightness Clear High Contrast 800:1LVDSH160 V160400-30 to +80LED
8.4"NL8060BC21-11D800x600High Brightness AG High Contrast 800:1LVDSH160 V160400-30 to +80LED
8.4"NL8060BC21-11C800x600NLT Transflective, High Contrast 900:1LVDSH160 V160800-30 to +80LED
8.4"NL8060BC21-11F800x600High Brightness, High Contrast 900:1LVDSH160 V160900-30 to +80LED
8.4"NL10276BC16-061024x768SFT Clear/AG, High Contrast 600:1LVDSH176 V176400-20 to +70LED
10.4"NL6448BC33-70640x480High Brightness Clear High Contrast 900:1DigitalH160 V160450-30 to +80LED
10.4"NL6448BC33-70D640x480High Brightness AG High Contrast 900:1DigitalH160 V160450-30 to +80LED
10.4"NL6448BC33-70C640x480NLT Transflective, High Contrast 900:1DigitalH160 V160900-30 to +80LED
10.4"NL6448BC33-70F640x480High Brightness, High Contrast 900:1DigitalH160 V160900-30 to +80LED
10.4"NL6448BC33-71C640x480NLT Transflective, High Contrast 900:1DigitalH160 V160900-30 to +80LED
10.4"NL6448BC33-71F640x480High Brightness, Sunlight ReadableDigitalH160 V160900-30 to +80LED
10.4"NL8060BC26-35C800x600NLT TransflectiveLVDSH160 V160800-20 to +70LED
10.4"NL8060BC26-35F800x600High Brightness, High Contrast 900:1LVDSH160 V160900-20 to +70LED
10.4"NL10276BC20-18C1024x7868NLT, Transflective, Sunlight ReadableLVDSH160 V160750-20 to +70LED
10.4"NL10276BC20-18F1024x768High Brightness, High ContrastLVDSH160 V160750-20 to +70LED
10.4"NL10276BC20-101024x768NLT Transflective, Narrow FrameLVDSH160 V160550-30 to +80LED
12.1"NL10276BC24-13C1024x768NLT TransflectiveLVDSH100 V140400-10 to +70CCFL
12.1"NL10276BC24-21F1024x768High Brightness, Anti-GlareLVDSH160 V160800/1000-30 + 80LED
12.1"NL8060BC31-32800x600NLT, transflective, sunlight readableDigitalH140 V100400-10 to +70CCFL
12.1"NL8060BC31-41C800x600NLT TransflectiveLVDSH160 V140550-20 to +70CCFL
12.1"NL8060BC31-50F800x600High contrast and brightnessDigitalH160 V160800-30 to +80LED
12.1"NL10276BC24-19D1024x768Compact Bezel Design, Light WeightLVDSH140 V120650-20 to +70LED
12.1"NL12880BC20-07F1280x800Ultra High Luminance, Small FootprintLVDSH160 V1601800-20 to +70CCFL
15"NL10276BC30-391024x768SFT Wide View High Contrast 900:1LVDSH176 V176270-20 to +70LED
15"NL10276AC30-42C1024x768Transflective, High BrightnessLVDSH160 V160600-20 to +70LED
15"NL10276AC30-45D1024x768General PurposeLVDSH160 V160400-20 to +70LED
15.3"NL12876BC26-32D1280x768SFT Wide View High Contrast 700:1LVDSH176 V176470-20 to +70LED

Optical Bonding & Sunlight Readability

Being able to interact with display systems that are subjected to high ambient light or sunlight is another area that requires careful consideration. The biggest problem when incorporating a touch screen as part of your High Brightness Display system is that the touch screen itself starts to create high levels of reflection.

Reflection is not only found on the front surface of the touch screen, but is also found on every surface the external light can hit where there is a big difference in the refractive index (glass to air). So for outdoor applications non-optically bonded touch screens, the ambient light is bouncing off the front surface of the touch as well as the rear surface of the touch and the front surface of the TFT behind it. Every reflective surface will reduce the effectiveness of the display brightness by up to 5%. Filing the gap between the TFT and the touch screen with an Optical Adhesive with a similar refractive index to glass helps remove two of the surfaces and so automatically enhances the brightness of your display system in high ambient light. Plus, the addition of Optical Bonding also has the effect of increasing the contrast of the display, and again a better perceived TFT contrast ratio is a major benefit in high ambient conditions.

By utilising a Optical Adhesive we can improve sunlight readability, increase impact and scratch resistance, prevent condensation, eliminate parallax and significantly improve durability as far as shock, vibration and extreme temperatures are concerned. This process is ideal for use in many applications including, Marine, Avionics & Medical.

Below is a list of Optically Bonded standard kits using Projected Capacitive Touch Technology.

SizeSensor Part NumberController Part NumberDisplay Options
15"P150CL21S-C-001 (Clear)EXC204252UAGG150X1-L01
P150AG20S-B-001 (Anti-Glare)EXC204252UAGG150XGEL04
P150AR21S-C-001 (Anti-Reflective)EXC204252UAGNL10276BC30-15
15.6"P156CL21S-C-001 (Clear)EXC204252UAGG156XW01 v1
P156AG20S-C-001 (Anti-Glare)EXC204252UAG
P156AR21S-C-001 (Anti-Reflective)EXC204252UAG
17"DP170FS026CL116-04 (Clear)EXC204252UAGG170EG01 v1
19"DP190FS026CL172-02 (Clear)EXC204252UAGG190EG02 v1
21.5"DP215FS026CL172-04 (Clear)EXC204478UAGG215HVN01 v0
23"DP230FS026CL172-04 (Clear)EXC204478UAGLTM230HT05
24"P240CL21S-B-001 (Clear)EXC204478UAGLM240WU8SLA1
P240AG2OU-B-001 (Anti-Glare)EXC204478UAGLM240WU8SLA2
P240AR21S-B-001 (Anti-Reflective)EXC204478UAGLTM240CL01

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