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Key benefits

  • Instant access to design expertise with regard to display integration
  • Reduces expensive design time and overall time to market of your product
  • Allows your design engineers to concentrate on their core areas of expertise rather than the display subsystem
  • Cost effective subcontract assembly of your display system
  • Reduces overall assemble costs and integration issues
  • Experience at solving environmental issues such as heat and water ingress
We have over twenty five years specialist experience in the design and manufacture of electronic display technologies, and over a decades experience in the integration of touchscreens, displays and display driver solutions into complete display systems.

By using our proven industrial supplier base for all the major components including the display, touch screen and Industrial PC platform we can select system components to match the requirements of any application, from rugged military systems to cost sensitive "point of information" solutions. Again reducing development time, costs and still ensuring product reliability in the field.

Production Facilities

Our purpose built 4000sq ft production facility has been specifically designed to facilitate the cost effective assembly of display sub systems and complete dispay solutions, accommodating both small batch quantities alongside long production runs.

The facility also includes laminar flow cabinets for the assembly of touch panels to displays in a dust free environment.

Our Facility is BSI 9001:2000 approved and operates a total quality ethic ensuring the product is fully tested to agreed specifications.

Our specialist engineering team is dedicated to working in partnership with our customers engineers to develop a display system that specifically meets there applications needs. Employing the latest 3D modelling technique’s together with a rapid prototype service the display system design can be finalised and moved quickly production status, reducing costs and overall time to market of any new design.

Case Studies

We have completed system designs for customers that have been used in a wide range of specialist applications including:
  • Point of information and Point of sale systems
  • Sunlight readable Kiosk and monitor solutions
  • Medical systems
  • In-vehicle display systems
  • Military display systems
  • Rugged industrial Monitors
  • Waterproof display solutions
With a customer base including such companies as IBM, BAe and Siemens, RDS is proud of its innovative engineering approach. Our focus on good product design encompasses an understanding of the issue of "total cost of ownership" and a commitment to building a quality product.

Please click here to see detailed examples of our bespoke display solutions

Products |  Bespoke Products